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I am Randy Willaman, and many of you know me. PerforMax Plant Optimization™ (PPO) was developed with a single-minded focus. Deliver long term, sustainable and verifiable improvements to the concrete production process.

Your car tells you when something is wrong, and we ignore at our own peril.

Why not monitor a concrete plant as carefully?

Your car tells you when something is wrong, and we ignore at our own peril.

Why not monitor a concrete plant as carefully?


The PPO system enables producers to quickly home in on the most relevant metrics – including IoT / Open Platform data – to make bottom line improvements to plant operations.

Results include: A reduction in time and material costs, reduced mechanical wear and tear, more yards per hour, and improved product quality. Additionally, this system can better inform important decisions on what internal investments – such as plant equipment, operator training, or process rework – offer the highest ROI.

PerforMax Plant Optimization

Free PerforMax
Plant Optimization™ Scorecard

The PPO Plant Scorecard provides comprehensive KPIs for all aspects of plant performance. The format provides an objective, instant side by side comparison of your plants to direct your focus to areas that will provide the most benefit. This introductory Free Plant Scorecard Service includes:

(1.) Baseline report for one plant
(2.) Discussion of critical scorecard findings
(3.) Suggested adjustments or areas for further analysis.


Using the PerforMax Plant Optimization Scorecard, I provide project-based services to producers of concrete, asphalt, and aggregate products to get the most out of their workday by tuning new or existing technology solutions to deliver the expected value.


All producers have a variety of automated control solutions, system integrations, or other “bolt on” products that either don’t work very well or not at all. I can bring expertise from my 30 plus years of developing automation solutions, business system integration, process and data analysis, and project management to the construction products industry to get your systems working together, better.


  • Provide reliable and quality service regardless of the duration of work

  • Work efficiently and quickly to address your issues

  • Look at your business holistically and help wherever needed

  • Communicate often and effectively about the work

  • Return calls or messages quickly

  • Value all your employee feedback regardless of their role when investigating how to do better.

“… he was always available and/or returned my call promptly.” P.R

“A tool developed by Randy allowed me to fine tune to closing extra gates in fast feed and trim parameter values to reduce the number of plant feed attempts. It provides the information to analyze and optimize jog adjust times and delay times…The overall results compared to other business units were faster batching cycles with a higher percentage of compliant loads …”

C. M.

“Randy enabled us to truly understand our aggregate moisture situation. Together, we were able to get buy-in from all levels of our organization, especially from our front line producers, who have been skeptical of moisture probe systems for years.
This has resulted in reduction of lost loads, higher efficiency, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.”

Bryan P, Large Midwest Regional Producer
“With Randy’s strong analytical skills and experience on batching automation system, he was able to help us setup and improve the automated temperature control and moisture system to a high degree of accuracy and reliability. This enabled our plants to fully automatically control the concrete temperature and moisture”
A.A., Large multinational company

“As a Territory Sales Manager with Command Alkon, and in my current role, Randy Willaman as the Director of Ohio Operations was the facilitator of last resort that could be counted on to provide support to the sales organization. Whether the challenge was within his team’s product lines, another system, or a third party application, he would identify the challenges, work to drive development, and ensure that all parties worked together to deliver a quality solution. Knowing that Randy had the ball, would follow-up with the customer, and inform me of the progress along the way; provided piece of mind, and allowed me to continue with the sales process in my territory while building reference-able accounts. Randy has been and will continue to be a facilitator, that can bring products, and personnel together to drive solutions and provide quality results…”

Pete M, Concrete Equipment Distributor