Welcome! Ready Mix Concrete plays a key role in the health and safety of our society. Water, Sanitary, Highway, and Habitat systems that serve the needs of our society are dependent upon this versatile material.

This blog is dedicated to discussing methods to improve the process of ready mix concrete production and placement. Whether it be through software, logistical, mechanical, instrumentation, artificial intelligence, or something else, I hope this to be a place where the folks that design, build, and supply production equipment to the industry will share ideas. With the help of forward thinking producers we can introduce and provide comprehensive end to end solutions that wring out inefficiencies, reduce downtime, and improve profits .

I especially hope that engineers will find this blog valuable. Engineering cost effective systems that are reliable, easy to maintain, and solve problems is tedious work. There are no simple solutions, only incremental improvements that added together will provide for reduced costs and increased efficiencies. I hope that producers will share their most vexing problems, and that we can work together to find ways to address.

Randy Willaman